Allotment Rental

Bradwell Parish Council rents out allotments as follows:
medium plot (approximately10 rods)@  £11.00 per annum, Large plot (approximately 20 rods)@ £22.00 per annum.

From October 2023, these rates will increase to Medium Plot £22.00 per annum and Large Plot £44 per annum.

From April 2021, tenants who live outside of the parish of Bradwell will be charged 50% in addition to the above rates. This is because those residing outside of Bradwell have not contributed to the running of the allotments via their Parish Precept.

The Council owns two allotment sites. One site is situated on Beccles Road, near Kings Drive and the junction with Green Lane, and the other site is situated between Cley Road and the Mill Lane Recreation Ground.

There are currently no plots available at Beccles Road site, but there are plots available at Cley Road.

If you would like to put your name on the waiting list, please telephone 01493 444478, or Contact Us to apply online.
Please specify which site you would prefer.

Preference will be given to residents of Bradwell.