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Bradwellian article October 2016

Happy Birthday ‘Generation Wood’ – 10 years old this year!

‘Bradwell Community Woodland Project is 10 years old !!!
In 2006 children in the reception year at Hillside & Homefield Primary Schools, took part in a land mark tree planting operation in Bradwell, both with their teachers and parents.

In March this year, some of the children returned to the woodland to celebrate the 10 years. Now in Year 11 at Lynn Grove High School, they helped to plant a commemorative tree, and remember coming up to the woodland as little ones to take part in the first planting. A big thank you to all the students who gave up their lunch hour to come and plant the tree; hopefully, some of these students will be the future guardians of the woodland, and help to keep it thriving in the many years to come.

A big thank you also to the Parish Council, who have covered all of our ‘public liability’ insurance costs over the ten years.

Happy Birthday ‘Generation Wood’!

Bradwellian article March 2016

‘Green Gym’ Volunteers Fresh Air, Exercise and Camaraderie

‘Our woodland has had a bit of a makeover on its 10 year anniversary! This February ‘Generation Wood’ is officially 10 years old! It is amazing to think that it originally was just a piece of grassland and here we are 10 years on, with a thriving woodland for everyone to enjoy!

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates this. During the late summer, part of the woodland had suffered damage from broken tree branches and even camp fires! A management plan has now been drawn up and part of the programme is to open up the area, with some major coppicing.

This is thanks to the people involved in ‘The Conservation Volunteers’ (TCV) Green Gym®. This is a scheme which inspires you to improve both your health and the environment at the same time. This is where experienced leaders guide volunteers through a range of practical projects, giving them the opportunity to tackle physical jobs in the outdoors – improving their strength and stamina. In addition, boosting practical skills and confidence and benefitting local green spaces.

Well they certainly worked hard on the two work party days so far – your help has been invaluable – thank you!

Anyone who want to get involved in our woodland or the ‘Green Gym’ volunteer programme please contact me.’

Vicki Collins
Secretary for Generation Wood

01493 653760

Or email

Bradwellian article March 2015

Have you heard of a ‘Wasp spider’?

The woodland has a very exciting and rare resident – see pictures on page 1 – yes you guessed it – a Wasp Spider – Scientific name: Argiope bruennichi.

A local resident, Mr Bamford of Bradwell, was out walking with his grandchildren in the woodland and spotted by chance this spider, in its web close to the ground amongst the growing grasses. He took a photograph of it and contacted Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT), who indeed did identify the species as a wasp spider. He then contacted me and took us to the place where the siting was. There are now 7 spiders in total spotted, all females (most likely the smaller males have been eaten!). It is an amazing discovery and certainly a sight to be seen!

The female can often be seen hanging upside down in the middle of her web throughout the summer and autumn. The web features a distinctive zip-zag patterned section running vertically through it. The spider looks rather exotic and the colouration, wasp-like appearance is defensive to warn off predators. It is not a dangerous species but you could experience a painful bite, if you get too close!

This spider is really native to the Mediterranean areas and has only recently colonised in England. Having said that, the expert at the NWT also said it was rare for it to be spotted in Norfolk; it is usually found in warmer southern regions of the UK. Is this nature’s proof that our climate is getting warmer? The wasp spider builds its web close to the ground in order to catch its food of grasshoppers and crickets, so this means that our woodland must be providing this food supply. It is a testament to prove that the biodiversity in our woodland is building and thriving and gives us the challenge to keep up the good work for this and other potential new species!

Vicki Collins
Secretary for Generation Wood – 01493 653760