The Bradwellian

We want to express our sincere thanks to every single volunteer who has contributed to The Bradwellian over the years, be that writing articles, editing, proof-reading, sorting the 6,000 copies into delivery rounds and then delivering the magazine to every household in Bradwell. We could not have done this without you and we are incredibly grateful for your time and energy in creating and developing this magazine over the years.

History of the Bradwellian

The first issue of the Bradwellian was published 25 years ago, in 1998. Its aim was to be the mouthpiece of Bradwell Parish Council to be issued free to every household in Bradwell twice a year, before widespread use of the internet.

Prior to The Bradwellian magazine all communications to residents would have been through official minutes, newspaper articles and village noticeboards. While these methods of communication continue, we also now use our website, social media and The Bradwellian to reach residents. Since 2020 The Bradwellian has been published on the Parish Council website and placed in supermarkets in addition to being delivered to every household.

Why the change in direction of the Bradwellian?

It became increasingly difficult to produce and deliver this magazine in this style for a number of reasons:
• The number of houses in Bradwell has increased significantly, pushing print costs up.
• There are 45 delivery rounds to deliver to your homes. Despite repeatedly requesting more volunteers through The Bradwellian and on social media, the number of volunteer deliverers is ever decreasing.
• The Parish Council often receives feedback from residents that they don’t read The Bradwellian and it goes straight into the bin.
• Print costs have increased significantly last year, approximatley 25%.
• The Parish Council also often receives feedback that The Bradwellian should be online only to save costs.

All of these factors have meant the Parish Council had to reluctantly consider the future of The Bradwellian.

It has therefore been decided on a trial basis to no longer deliver to every household in Bradwell, but to place free copies at the two Bradwell supermarkets for residents to take if they wish to.
It will also continue to be published online for those who do not want to see a hard copy.

If you are aware of any resident who cannot get to any of the collection points to collect an edition themselves, and would prefer a volunteer to hand-deliver to their home – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Edition #49 has reverted to its original concept and will focus entirely on what your Parish Council has been doing on your behalf in recent months.

April 2023