War Memorial

In memory of the fallen
1914 -1918

Herbert James Adams
Frederick Charles Amis
John James Amis
Arthur William Bailey
George Isaac Bessey
Harry Charles Breeze
Frederick Walter Chaplin
Harry Delph
Alec Victor Ellis
Alfred Charles Howes
Walter James Charles Moore
Henry Stephen Parfitt
Ernest William Shorten
Roland James Tubby
Robert James Willis
Percy Wiltshire

1939 -1945

Roy Charles Bailey
Christopher Ball
Michael Bellamy
Robert Brown
Roger Cook
John Cooper
William Eagle
Roland Robert George
Charles Ambrose Mace
Charles Henry Marler
William Dudley Palmer
Herbert William Tubby


Herbert James ADAMS
Stoker 1st Class, K/24581, HM Submarine L55, Royal Navy. Killed in Action 4th June 1919, aged 22years, when submarine was sunk in the Baltic Sea by Bolshevik vessels, raised by Russians in 1928, remains of crew sent back to Portsmouth and buried in a communal grave at Hasler Naval Cemetery Portsmouth. Commemorated on Screen Wall L55 Grave Hasler Memorial, also on the New War Memorial Bradwell.

Frederick Charles AMIS
Private, G/34042 Royal Sussex Regiment, 3rd Battalion. Died of influenza in the Royal Military Hospital Newhaven on 10th July 1918, aged 25 years. Husband of Florence Amis, of Star Farm, Bradwell. Cousin of John James Amis. b. Bradwell. Buried in St. Nicholas Church Cemetery, Bradwell. Commemorated on the New Bradwell War Memorial.

John James AMIS
Second Hand, 1444/SA, HM Trawler ‘Nadine’, Royal Naval Reserve, Grimsby Trawler, employed as tender to HM Ganges, Mined off the Thames Estuary 1st September 1915. 9 men lost and 3 survivors. Son of John and Mary Amis of Bradwell. Cousin of Frederick Charles AMIS. Husband of Elizabeth Charlotte Amis of 82 Suffield Road, Gorleston. Aged 36 years. No known grave. Commemorated on Chatham Naval Memorial Ref.14 and on New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Arthur William BAILEY
Reserve, HM Trawlers, Died at home 22nd January 1918 of Pulmonary Tubercle Exhaustion,. Husband of Lucy Bailey of Bradwell. Son of Frederick and Edith Bailey. Aged 33 years, b. Bradwell. Buried in St. Nicholas Church Cemetery, Bradwell. Commemorated on New War Memorial, Bradwell.

George Isaac BESSEY
Deck Hand, 2274DA, Royal Naval Reserve, HM Trawler. Evadine Hull trawler operated by British Navy. Struck mine 8miles South of Overs Light vessel 27th February, l917, 12 persons lost Son of Edith Bailey, 5 Beccles Road, Bradwell, aged 22 years. No known grave. Commemerated Chatham Naval Memorial Ref.26 and New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Harry Charles BREEZE
Private, G/28965, London Regiment, 34th. Battalion,101st, Company, Died of wounds, Flanders 13th May, 1918, aged 37 years, youngest son of John and Emily Breeze, 17 Gateacre Road, Gt. Yarmouth. Buried in Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt., IF 3. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Frederick Walter CHAPLIN
Private, 21071, Royal Surrey Regiment, died at home July, 1919 aged 33 years. Discharged as unfit for War Service 14th August 1918 (Believed to have been subject to gas attack during, military service.) Son of Walter and Ellen Chaplin, Oakdene Farm, Bradwell. Buried in St. Nicholas Church Cemetery, Bradwell. Commemorated on New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Private, 20793, Essex Regiment, Killed in Action at Gallipoli, 15th December 1915, aged 27 years, son of Moses and Elizabeth Delph, 14 Beccles Road, Bradwell. b. Norwich. No known grave. Commemorated Helles Memorial Panel 144 to 150 or 229 to 233 and on New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Alec Victor ELLIS Private, 4324, Norfolk Regiment, died at sea, 3rd October, 1915. On board S.S. Arabian attacked by U-boat, aged 18 years, Son of John and Lilian Ellis, 14 Colomb Road, Gorleston. b. Bradwell. No known grave, Commemorated Helles Memorial Panel 42 to 44 and on New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Alfred Charles HOWES
Deck Hand, 5124DA, Royal Naval Reserve, HM Drifter: Hilary II’ Sunk by mine near Spit Buoy placed by German U-Boat UC 7, 25th March 1916, 8 persons lost. Aged 27 years. Son of Adeline and (the late Alfred) Howes of 9 Harleston Terrace, Beccles Road, Bradwell. No known grave. Commemorated on Chatham Naval Memorial, Ref. 19, and on the New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Walter James Charles MOORE
Lance Corporal, 240322, Norfolk Regiment, Killed in action, Palestine, 19th April, 1917, aged 22 years, No known grave. Son of Oliver and Mary Ann MOORE of Bradwell. Commemorated on Jerusalem Memorial and New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Henry Stephen PARFITT
Deck Hand, 5126DA, Royal Naval Reserve, HM Trawler ‘Jay’ sunk by German submarine UB-35, 11th August, 1917 off Southwold, Suffolk. 9 persons lost. Aged 35 years. Son of Samuel and Selina Parfitt of Gt. Yarmouth. Husband of Lily May Parfitt of Beccles Road, Bradwell. No known grave. Commemorated Chatham Naval Memorial Ref.26 and New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Ernest William SHORTEN
Driver, T4/058272, Royal Army Service Corps. Died, 25th March, 1919, aged 34 years. Husband of Maria Shorten, 19 Palmer Road, Gorleston. b. Gt. Yarmouth. Buried St. Nicholas Church Cemetery, grave C89, Bradwell. War Graves Commission Grave Stone Marks Grave. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Roland James TUBBY
Sapper, 160486, Royal Engineers, Died at home. 4th May 1916. Aged 19 years. Son of William and Ethel Mary Tubby, Beccles Road, Bradwell. B Belton. Buried grave C.19, St. Nicholas Church Cemetery, grave C12, Bradwell. Commemorated on New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Robert James WILLIS
Deck Hand, 2956/ DA, Royal Naval Reserve, Serving on HM Drifter, ‘Masterpiece’ Died of illness whilst at sea. 10th May, 1915. Aged 25 years. Son of John and Ruth Willis, Burgh Road, Bradwell. b. Bradwell. Buried in Larne New Cemetery, Section 3 C1110. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Major, Royal Field Artillery, 251st. Siege Battalion, Killed by stray shell, 25th May 1917 in France. Aged 45 years. Son of Charles and Clara Wiltshire, Bradwell House, Bradwell. Husband of Kathleen Wiltshire, 201 Lowestoft Road, Gorleston. Buried in Haute – Avesnes British Cemetery D7. Commemorated on New War Memorial, Bradwell.


Roy Charles BAILEY
Sergeant, 1877588, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 29th January, 1945, aged 19 years. Son of Albert and Ada Bailey of Bradwell. b.Bradwell; Buried Plot G16, St. Nicholas Church Cemetery. Commemorated on New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Christopher Jack Oliver BALL
Trooper, 5781765, Royal Armoured Corps. Died 12th September, 1942, on board SS Laconia which was torpedoed by a U-boat off the coast of Africa. He was amongst those who were lost. Aged 32 years. Husband of Ethel Ball of Bradwell. b.Belton. Commemorated El Alamein Memorial and New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Lieutenant, 293708, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. Died 13th October i944, aged 20 years. Son of Ernest and Ethel Bellamy of Gorleston. b.Gt. Yarmouth. Buried Overloon War Cemetery Plot 11 C2. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell

Robert Albert BROWN
Lance Corporal, 5773253, Royal Norfolk Regiment. Died 10th May, 1940, aged 20 years. Son of Robert and Ada Brown, of Bradwell. b.Gt. Yarmouth. Buried Essars Communal Cemetery, Plot II C2. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Roger COOK
Flight Lieutenant, 44521, Pilot, Royal Air Force. Squadron 168. Killed 3rd January,1944, whilst flying Mustang ED475. Husband of Sheila Gordon COOK of Anstye, Sussex. Son of Thomas and Eva Cook, Hobland Hall, Bradwell. Aged 24 years. Buried Cambrai (Route De Solesmes) Communal Cemetery Plot l Row B Grave 16. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell.

John Harry COOPER
Able Seaman, C/217898, Royal Navy, HMS Pembroke. Died 30th. July, 1943. Aged 57 years. Son of Harry and Mary Cooper of Bradwell. b.Bradwell. Buried St Nicholas Church Cemetery, Bradwell, Grave F91. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell.

William EAGLE
Unable to trace any information.

Roland Robert GEORGE
Senior Master, Trinity House Light Vessel Service, Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities. Died of Hypothermia 29th January l940, aged 53 years. Skipper on East Dudgeon Lightship when it was bombed by German Air Force. Crew evacuated by rowing boat which came ashore on Lincolnshire Coast. Only one survivor. Husband of Mildred Annie George of Hazeldene, Smith’s Loke, Bradwell. Buried Magdalen Cemetery, Gorleston Section T 472. Commemorated on New War Memorial, Bradwell. (Incorrectly spelt Rollan on war memorial)

Charles Ambrose MACE
Gunner, 961700, Royal Horse Artillery, 4th Regiment. Killed in action 15th December, 1940. Aged 24 years. Son of Mrs. L. M. Mace of Sandy Lane, Bradwell. b. Bradwell. Buried Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery Grave 20 G2. Commemorated on New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Charles Henry John MARLER
Guardsman, 2722006, Irish Guards. Killed in action 1st October, 1944. Aged 24 years. Son of Stanley and Nellie Marler of Bradwell. Husband of Elsie Doris Marler of Wealdstone. b. Norwich. Buried Jonkeros War Cemetery grave 18 C2. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell.

William Dudley PALMER
Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, 1105931, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Killed in action 15th May, 1942. Aged 27 years. Son of William Henry and Mary Christiana Palmer of Gorleston. Buried Tranebjerg Churchyard. Commemorated New War Memorial, Bradwell.

Herbert William TUBBY
Gunner, 11415716, Royal Artillery. Died at sea 21st April 1943, Aged 21 years. Son of Herbert Sam and Minnie Tubby of Bradwell. b. Bradwell. No known grave. Commemorated Plymouth Naval Memorial Panel 84 Column 3 and New War Memorial, Bradwell

Some of the men named on the New War Memorial, Bradwell, as children would have gone to school and played in the village. As young men and adults they would have walked the by-ways and worked or lived in Bradwell. When they left to join the armed forces they did not know they would not return to carry on as before. They gave their lives to enable us to do all the things they were able to do before they left. The cost of the new memorial is a small price to pay to ensure the residents of Bradwell will remember that their freedom to do all these things would not be possible without the sacrifice of these men and the many men and women like them.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

The Kohima Epitaph
When you go home, tell them of us, and say,
For their tomorrow, we gave our today.

If I should die, think only this of me;
That there’s some corner of a foreign field,
That is for ever England. There shall be
In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,
Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam,
A body of England’s breathing English air,
Washed by the rivers, blest by the suns of home.

And think, this heart, all evil shed away,
A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given;
Her sights and sounds, dreams happy as her day;
And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.


Bradwell Parish Council first considered erecting a War Memorial to those who died as a result of World War l and World War ll in 2000, however it was to be considered as a future project when finances allowed. In 2012 the Parish Council was approached by Borough Councillors as to suitable projects on which to spend some of their Personal Borough Council Budgets. Borough Councillors Sue Hacon, Martin Plane, Graham Plant, Jamie Smith and Hilary Wainwright agreed to fund the New War Memorial, on The Green, Church Walk, Bradwell opposite to the Parish Church. Colin Smith of Colin Smith Memorials was asked to design a Memorial. The Memorial was unveiled on Sunday, 3rd. August, 2014 by the Granddaughter, Great Granddaughter and Great Great Grandson of Roland Robert George at a dedication service.

The Parish Council would like to thank:-

Mr. Dennis COOPER for his assistance in these Rolls of Honour he contributed several hours to the project, searching various web sites.
Mr. Gary Brown for assistance in obtaining details of the fate of HM Vessels mentioned in the Roll of Honour.
Relatives of Roland Robert George, for supplying information concerning the East Dudgeon Light Vessel, and laying a wreath at the memorial.
Mrs Elizabeth Cook, who supplied a copy of letter from War Office concerning death of her Grandfather Frederick Charles Amis and laid the WW l wreath at the memorial.
Members of the Chaplin Family for confirming information concerning Frederick Walter Chaplin
Mrs. Janet Tovell for confirming information concerning her father, Christopher Ball and laying the WW ll wreath at the memorial.
Bradwell Scout Group who planted flowers round the base of the memorial and volunteered to keep it maintained.

The information in these rolls of honour has been obtained from various sources including:-
Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Copies of Burials in the Parish of Bradwell.
Copies of Death Certificates.
Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.

Ted Howlett
Bradwell Parish Council
October, 2014