Parish Plan

No Parish Plan for Bradwell

The March 2012 issue of ‘Bradwellian’ carried a piece (page 7) which outlined the possibility of the Parish Council seeking to influence local planning policy via the adoption of either a ‘Parish Plan’ or a ‘Neighbourhood Development Plan’ for Bradwell. The issue was duly raised at the Annual Parish Meeting in April, and Mr D Glason and Ms K Stokes from Gt Yarmouth Borough Council Planning & Development Department kindly attended the meeting, to outline potential advantages, costs etc.

Those present were invited via a ‘show of hands’ to indicate whether they as individuals would either support the creation of such a Plan, or whether they would be willing to involve themselves in such an exercise, and the response to both questions was negative. The vote was not binding on the Parish Council, but it later decided to abandon the project at least for the time being, as it would not be feasible to go ahead without the support of the local community. Sincere thanks to Mr Glason and Ms Stokes for attending the meeting. Anyone who may still be interested in going forward with a Parish Plan should contact the Clerk.