Roadworks – August to September 2020

Crab Lane – in-between Chestnut Avenue and Headington Close. Old gully pots will be replaced and new gullies installed, along with some carriageway patching works. Works will be carried out under traffic lights from 10th August 2020 for 2 weeks.

Lords Lane/Church Lane – in-between Morton Crescent and Homefield Primary School. New gullies will be installed to improve existing surface water; existing covers will be replaced and carriageway markings reinstated. There will be road closure. Works will be carried out from 24th August 2020 for 3 weeks.

UPDATE 03/09/20 – Drainage maintenance work at Lords Lane/Church Lane is still undergoing. Majority of works in the location will be complete by next Tuesday, however Highways still need a closure for next Friday between Morton Crescent and Londis for carriageway patching work. This extra patching requirement was highlighted after recent rainfall and ponding issues of the location. This patching work is required to make sure water will flow towards the nearest gully rather than staying in the carriageway causing nuisance to public. Barriers will be removed after Tuesday with new signage informing the residents about further work to commence on Friday, when the road will be closed again for short duration.

Long Lane – in-between Beccles Road and Selwyn Road. Old gully pots will be replaced for easier future maintenance and new gullies installed, along with some carriageway patching. Works will be carried out 14th September 2020 for 3 weeks.

Please see village noticeboards for a larger map of areas affected.

Roadwork map August to September 2020