Covid-19 News

Covid Assistance Grant

The following terms and conditions have been agreed in the provision of an assistance grant for “Not for Profit” Community Services Providers to the residents of the parish.

The assistance grant is capped at a maximum of £150 per community service providers as a one off payment and will be allocated from the Parish Council’s ring fenced Covid-19 grant budget.

Assistance Grant Process

The purpose for this grant process is to assist in the continuation or re-start of community services within the Parish of Bradwell. Approved grants are to support the costs incurred in the provision of the community services in whatever way the community service provider believes will directly benefit the residents of the parish. The grant if approved will only be paid to the community service provider via their registered bank account.

These terms and conditions limit the award of an assistance grant to “not for profit” community service providers who have regularly provided a services pre-covid to residents within parish. The assistance grant is only eligible to community service providers who have not been entitled to financial support from the Government Local Restrictions Support Grant. The Parish Council’s ring fenced budget has limited funds and therefore applications will only be considered whilst funds are available, once the fund is exhausted applicants will be advised.

The grant application form is designed to be completed by the community service provider only and returned to the Clerk of the Parish Council. Community Service Providers operating through the use of the Mill Lane and Lords Lane Community Centres are not eligible for this assistance scheme as a separate Parish Council assistance scheme is in place to support them through the Community Centres.

To download the application form please click the links below for Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF versions. The Word version can completed electronically and emailed back whilst the PDF version cannot so will need to be printed and posted.